have extensive know-how within the gas industry and experience of gas media and applications in respect of everything from component selection, system design to installation and start-up as well as all technical documentation. In this light, we act as adviser and consultant and together with the user to assess the requirements and conditions of the projects. It is extremely important to look at the system in its entirety, both from an economic and safety point of view.

We offer a very wide range of services as detailed below:


Design of new centralised systems and gas distribution networks

  • Supply of technical report of the system, with dimensions for the gas distribution network .
  • Supply of detailed layout with the positions of the decompression stations and operating positions.
  • Supply of metric calculations for the material to be installed.
Supply and installation of new centralised plant and technical gas distribution networks

  • Supply of all the material to be installed.
  • Supply of technical specifications and certificates for the installed materials.
  • Installation of the entire gas distribution plant.
  • Plant certification in accordance with current legislation and rules.
  • 12 months' guarantee for the whole system, valid from the inspection date.
Consultation for renewal, mapping and checking the existing supply and distribution systems in the field

  • Technical report on the condition of the gas distribution network.
  • Detailed surveys of existing networks.
  • Technical report on reorganising gas networks.
  • Drawings of the new layout of the gas network.
  • Estimated calculations for the work for renewing the plant.
Transfer of technology for 
  • Purification of various gases to remove critical and trace impurities.
  • Preparation of various gas mixtures ranging from two component to multi component mixtures.
  • Preparation of cylinders suitable for filling these UHP gases and Gas Mixtures.
  • Filling of cylinders of various capacities with these UHP gases and Gas Mixtures.
  • Analyses and certification of cylinders filled with these UHP gases and Gas Mixtures.
Consultancy and Advisory services for
  • Setting up a facility for all the above business activities involving Cryogenic storage tanks, vaporisers/evaporators, piping, instrumentation like valves, safety equipment, pressure monitoring equipment, analytical instrumentation, cylinder treatment equipment.
  • Preparing procedures and protocols for manufacturing, cylinder filling, analyses and certification and maintenance activities, with an ultimate objective of obtaining ISO accreditation.
  • Selection, procurement, installation and commissioning of plant and machinery, equipment, instrumentation etc. for the above business activities.
  • Designing and making of technical and marketing literature for these products, audio-visual presentation material for launching and marketing these products and conducting awareness programs for customers.
    Training of all managerial, supervisory, and operating personnel in manufacturing, analytical, maintenance and marketing activities.


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